The “Digs” on Diggerland

There has been a lot of hype about this new South Jersey establishment in West Berlin from its first conception. A theme park based on construction equipment that you can tinker around on… Who wouldn’t be excited? Diggerland was built for kids.. But even us adults like to play with such bad ass “toys”… Who wouldn’t?


This is like a merry-go-round, but much more manlier…

I recently made a visit to this testosterone-induced theme park and here are my pro’s and con’s of this establishment.

Upon driving up to Diggerland, you’re impressed…it looks pretty big. The nice young lady at the ticket booth was friendly and I marched right in. I had a 3-year-old and a 2 month old in tow. However, it was soon discovered that my 3-year-old would not be able to enjoy most of the rides because he doesn’t fit their height requirement (he’s 40″). He was frightened by the massive playground slide and had to sit on my lap for 2 of the 3 rides that he was able to go on.

Sooooooo… Here we go!! You ready?


One of the tracks my son was able to join on. Must be seated on a lap.


Was told this was moved from Sahara Sam’s. It’s an obstacle course suited for kids around 7 and up.

The Pro’s:

  • I think it is great for South Jersey we definitely could use something like this in our backyard.
  •  Staff very friendly.
  •  The park was clean.
  • Umbrellas throughout the park allowing you to stay sheltered under the shade.
  •  Hardly any wait times.

Another view of the obstacle course.


Digging sand.. another lap ride for the kid.

The Con’s:

  • Too expensive for a small park. A family of 4 will spend over $100.
  •  If you aren’t at least 48″ don’t even bother going. It isn’t worth your $$.
  •  Park can be completed in 2 hours and this is being reasonable.
  • Women’s bathroom was dirty (toilet paper on the floor and all over some stall seats).
  • Arcade building was closed.
  •  Half the soda machines were out-of-order and unable to bring food/drink in and was hot.
  • Blaring boardwalk type music. The type where you walk along the boardwalk and those little stores blast that techno kind of stuff to get you in.. I thought it was quite classless for a family establishment.
  •  Exit is at gift shop and have to go through it to get out. There is a wheelchair ramp to get in (hey, I have a stroller this is a necessity.) However, upon exiting the gift shop you’re faced immediately with stairs. I had to lug my 2 month old down it to be greeted by exit gates to which the stroller wouldn’t fit through {Sigh}.

This ride was closed.


This ride they lift passengers up and drop them off at another location.

All in all, despite the negatives… I think it can eventually be a nice place for families. I think they need to really consider lowering the price and perhaps make it more friendly for kids that don’t fit the 48″ requirement. Also, a park pass for Sahara Sam’s and Diggerland would be great. I think the park is best suited for age 6 and up.


Another view.


This is their Diggerland specialty meal… and is filled with fries. Chicken is on top. It will cost you around $40 with drinks for a family of 4.

So there we have it sports fans… Get diggin’….South Jersey!!

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

Side Note: This Diggerland Review is based on my experience…..06/20/2014.

8 thoughts on “The “Digs” on Diggerland

  1. Thanks for this great info, as always, yummygal! I have three young boys (all under 6) and was debating going here. I think I may put it off a couple of years to both let them grow, and let Diggerland fix their apparent issues. I hope they do. What bothered me most about what you posted is the music. I don’t know if I could take that. I’ll just have to pick one of the 28 free things to do you posted the other day, instead!

  2. Appreciate the review. Sounds like they have to work out a few wrinkles. My grandson doesn’t like loud music, either. Think it’s a neat theme,

  3. so $10 each for a bucket of chicken, fries and a soda, it is not that bad, i love how the negative reviews portray that one bucket of chicken and fries is $40, they have to pay for those machines and commercial taxes somewhere… so too much $ take ur kiddies to the berlin park, that is free! mcdonalds cheaper too… 🙂

  4. I experienced virtually none of the negatives you did. The arcade was open. Rides were fun and accessible. Minimal wait times and the park was packed. Prices were high, same as any other theme park. Obviously slightly different because of target age range but expect to pay for fun. The height requirement is a big one to get by, agreed on 48″ or don’t bother going. I completely disagree with your assessment of the music though. I was there for 4 hours, and they played nothing but classics like the Beatles, del shannon, elvis, etc.. it totally added to the atmosphere. Don’t expect to bring a 2 year old and have fun, it’s meant for kids ages roughly 4 and up depending on height. We had a 3, 5 and 7 year old for birthday party.

    • I would’ve taken Elvis and the Beatles over the stuff I heard the other day and arcade was closed which to me wasn’t a huge deal. Maybe management is listening? The article isn’t all negative. There are pro’s and con’s to this park. Just informing people on what to expect and that it isn’t suitable for young kids or they’ll be wasting their money. The chicken and fries are a good deal for a family of 4 and thought was a neat concept to put in a sand bucket. Your family won’t leave hungry, trust me.

  5. Wife and daughter took 5 year old tripletts about two weeks after opening. They had a great day arriving at about 10 AM and leaving at about 4 PM. Said food was on the expensive side, but one order was enough to feed the three kids. Fairly priced for what they got. Kids had a great time and rode all the rides. One of the girls did not make the height requirement on only one of the rides and was disappointed. Opinion is that if you have a child interested in construction equipment it’s a great place. Grandson in his glory and his two sisters really enjoyed the rides. Park employees very friendly.

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