The Enchanting Elephant Swamp in Elk Township

Among the farming landscape of Elk Township, in Gloucester County, is the serene Elephant Swamp bike trail. Over a year ago, (yup, I’m that far behind) my son and I headed out for a beautiful spring day to see what all the fuss is about. We weren’t disappointed!


Along the way to the bike trail… I had to stop and say, “hi” to this friendly guy.


The orchards are now in bloom in Gloucester County…

The Elephant Swamp bicycle trail is a great place to enjoy a beautiful spring day with family or friends who enjoy South Jersey’s robust wildlife. Mystery and the tale of urban legends surround this lush green abode. The path is recycled from the days of the Pennsylvania-Reading Railroad. It was built in 1878 and traveled throughout South Jersey (from Glassboro to Bridgeton). The “Elephant Swamp” name stems from a tale of a missing circus elephant. A circus was traveling via the railroad in the late 1800s (as was the mode of circus transportation in those days) from nearby Monroeville. The elephant somehow managed to get loose and ran off into the vast swamp. Hence the name… Elephant Swamp. The elephant was never located. Perhaps if you listen closely… You may hear it rustling among the forest.


Let us begin the trail.. Shall we? After you!


Ah. Along the trail.


I had to stop and learn something.


Part of “the swamp.”

In the 1980s the rail-bed was removed and now it is an enjoyable flat 6 mile biking/walking trail. Nature is all around you and it’s absolutely stunning! The trail wanders past South Jersey’s best farm fields, has mountain laurels, frogs, migratory birds and best of all a red maple swamp where it crosses the Reed Branch (which eventually leads into the Maurice River.)


Um. Yes.. I do not wish to see the last critter showcased here.


And here she is..


Why.. hello there pretty forest.


She is pretty!



Spring green at its finest!

The water is clear with many river stones lining the bottom and lush foliage all around. It’s worth the hike to see. This time of year the “spring green” foliage comes to life and is mesmerizing.


We’re heading back to the car. 😦


Check Elephant Swamp out!

Go and check it out! You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be enchanted.. Trust me!! Btw, it’s on Elk Rd. Just google for directions. Until our next adventure, my friends! -The Yummygal

12 thoughts on “The Enchanting Elephant Swamp in Elk Township

  1. You can also access it by the entrance at the back of elk township recreation park by the soccer fields. There’s an extra section there that no one ever uses. As soon as I’m healed after having this baby, I plan to start running there again… It’s literally less than five minutes from my house.

    • Thanks Pam for the heads up! I think there are a few starting areas… But this one is listed on the township site I believe (the entrance you mentioned.)

      Mith, thank you. It’s a lovely little place! Congrats on the pregnancy Pam!

  2. Happy Spring Yummygal-I enjoyed this post. Nothing like some green, spring visions after the nasty winter we survived. Life here in Fortescue is perking up. Wanted to let you and your followers we are having a HORSESHOE CRAB FESTIVAL ON MAY 31 10 AM TO 5 PM. Lots of kid activities, food, music, craft vendors, photo contest and more. Horseshoe crabs are prehistoric creatures…as old as the dinosaurs…and they land on our beach to lay their eggs. We have migrating birds who travel to and from the arctic to feed on the crab eggs. It is an amazing journey. Our Bayfront Gallery will be open for viewing. So much to see. Tell your friends. Miss Fortescue, one of the local party boats, will begin fishing season on Saturday, May 3rd……can you say striped bass?

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