Old Salem Road Marker

Off Brace Road
Cherry Hill, NJ

The Boy Scouts do wonderful work. If not for their Eagle Scout projects, we wouldn’t have a lot of the historic sites in the area. The boys usually do their homework and restore a site back to glory (one example is the Hadrosaurus Foilki site in Haddonfield).


Cooper River sign on Brace Rd.

This historic marker is found off of Brace Road in Cherry Hill (near Kings Highway/ Rt. 70 interchange). An Eagle Scout about 15 years ago restored an old sign. According to various sources, Old Salem Road is still visible (if you care to dare to walk over the railing where the marker is located.) Watch out! It’s pretty steep!  This was one of the first roads developed in our South Jersey history.


Historic Marker.

The sign reads,

“Old Salem Road”….

“Here. Old Salem Road laid out 1681-1686 crossed the north branch of Cooper River. The British Army used this road from Haddonfield, June 19, 1778, their right wing branching to Evesham and the left to Moorestown, enroute to Monmouth Court House.”

The roads were not equipped to hold troops of massive amounts of soldiers which is why the army had to branch off and continue on their destination.

Check it out! It’s a very busy road so use caution.

Until our next adventure, my friends!

-The Yummygal

6 thoughts on “Old Salem Road Marker

  1. Thanks for the post. I never knew that sign was refurbished as an Eagle project, good job to whoever did it!

    The path of the road is still clear out in the woods, not sure at what point it was shifted over to its present location. There is actually a ton of history in that tiny area of Cherry Hill on either side of Brace Road between Kresson and Rt 70 – Bonnie’s Bridge (bridge built in the 1700s), a blue hole (less famous than it’s Winslow cousin… by which I mean I drove past it a hundred times and never knew it was anything other than a retention pond for the neighborhood), the Issac Key House (early 1700s), an old mill site, and a lot of beautiful CCC stonework on the Cooper River (some of it still used, some of it hidden off the walking paths). Paul Schopp did a tour for a group about 7 or 8 years ago. It made sense with that part of town so close to Haddonfield, but I was still amazed.

    Picture of the Old Salem Road from 2006 if anyone’s interested (think I can link it from wordpress, we’ll see!) – http://southjerseytrails.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=1005

    • Been to Bonnie’s and all that you mention southjerseytrails! Thanks so much for sharing! I know Paul. He’s an awesome guy and is actually mentioned in my SJ idols in “about me.” He goes by a pseudonym, lol.

  2. Haven’t visited this site in a while. Was this the day you went to see Crooked Lane? Glad you were careful with traffic and advised readers to do the same. Definitely a site worth seeing!

  3. I would like a map showing the length of Old Salem Rd. I also invite any info on the Hessian crossing of Clements Bridge. I own the property where the original bridge was. Thank you

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