I Bow Down To Cowtown Rodeo

Cowtown Rodeo and Flea Market

780 Harding Highway

Pilesgrove, NJ 08098

“I truly bow down to Cowtown! -The Yummygal

You really can’t miss Cowtown upon your arrival. There is a large fiberglass cowboy that stands 20 feet tall and a big bull nestled outside its headquarters. Our typical “Jersey” way to greet you!


Hello! My 20′ tall cowboy…Hunka Hunka



The bull at Cowtown.


Cowtown screams nostalgia to the folks of South Jersey. Since 1929, Howard “Stoney” Harris started the annual rodeo tradition in Woodstown, NJ. His son in 1961, Howard purchased 1200 acres of property at the current location of Cowtown Rodeo. Howard also added a livestock auction, farmers market, and a 2,500 seat rodeo arena to the mix. By 1967, its popularity grew and a 4,000 seat arena was constructed. As you can see, we “Jersey folks” are a little country!


The rodeo in the distance



The outdoor flea market.


The tradition still continues today. Every Saturday night in the Summer season, the Cowtown Rodeo comes alive. They offer professional events such as; bull riding, saddle bronc riding, and steer wrestling. The rodeo is the longest running rodeo in America. Cowtown is now at the helm of its fourth generation, Howard and Betty Grant Harris. Most of the bucking stock are descendants of the original stock that have been raised since the 1970s.


Some goodies!



To market… to market.


The flea market also holds its own tradition, you can find wonderful goodies at the Amish Market with its renowned German apple-walnut cake, bargain with the vendors to get those hot new designer looks and still walk out with most of your cash!


Goodies at the Amish market.


Kim H. from Wake Forest, North Carolina states on a review from Yelp.com:

” I visited Cowtown for the first time and I had a ball. I was like a kid in a candy store, there was so much to choose from like hair accessories, clothes for all, shoes, house hold items, trinkets, you name it somebody had it. The prices were great; I left with a bag full and didn’t spend $50. Purses were $10, reading glasses were 2 for $8. 5th Avenue perfume was $32 for a large bottle. I didn’t get to see everything so I will definitely be going back.”


Indoor Flea Market at Cowtown.



Close up of the bling.


The Yummygal came here with her son and another young lady to enjoy a nice Tuesday afternoon and bargain! We had a great time. We saw the animals, purchased some delicious cake from the Amish market (red-velvet chocolate if you are wondering), and picked up a few goodies to take home with us!

The flea market is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.


Cheap kid toys.


This is a South Jersey tradition traveling to Woodstown. Generation after generation has continued to enjoy this local staple for the last 64 years. It will most-likely continue its family ownership with Betty and Howard “Grant” passing the torch to their daughter, Katy. Katy continues to work at the ranch with her parents keeping the tradition alive.


How about some hats?



Need some more toothbrushes for your oral hygiene?

Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your cowboy hats and head on out to Cowtown Rodeo, where memories are created. I’m also ready for a little square dancing…. Heeee Haw! You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and try the warm peanuts!

We all have made memories at Cowtown. What are yours?

Until our next adventure! -The Yummygal

5 thoughts on “I Bow Down To Cowtown Rodeo

  1. it’s prob’ly a long-running rodeo, alright, but i suspect Cheyenne (WY) Frontier Days has been around about that long, perhaps longer. There are so many smaller town events (e.g., Gunnison (CO)) which have origins shrouded in the fog of … pre-history?
    but YERRRITE: you continue to show diverse and multifaceted aspects of N J.
    dd you see the flea (or izzit ‘flee’?) circus at the flea mart?

      • i used to have a FB page, where i posted ALL the videos, photo albums, and “posts” — essays i’d often paid some attenshun to, (and hardly anyone read, anyway) — also one alleged reason was to stay current with “my family” — but i cancelled it all (the FB, that is) as it was taking up too much time and attention. but more so due to “family squabbling.” so … @ WP i can concentrate on the so-called writing and posting, with a more-appreciative audience. but to answer your question … uh, try Gonad McGillicuddy.
        (i used to be the only (really, there’s several now!) Kro Magnon — not anymore.)

        • I was just wondering if you had one linked up to your blog. I hear you on the facebook thing and family drama! I also deactivated it or awhile because of it!

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