Ladd’s Castle~ A White Castle in South Jersey and No… Not the Fast Food Restaurant

Ladd’s Castle

1337 Lafayette Avenue

Woodbury, NJ

(If you know where the Colonial Diner is, it is not too far from there!)

In an excerpt from The Ladd Family: A Genealogical and Biographical Memoir Of The Descendants, John Ladd arrived in Burlington, New Jersey in 1678 and arrived from Kent, England.

He was a surveyor and employed by William Penn. Ladd helped Penn lay out the plans of Philadelphia. When Ladd presented Penn with the final plans, Penn was so impressed that he offered Ladd an entire city block of prime Philly real estate, but he declined.


Ladd’s Castle Historical Marker.

When Ladd did not accept the offer, William Penn reportedly said, “John thou art Ladd by name and Ladd by nature, dost thou not know that this will be a great city?”

Modern-Day translation, “Ladd, you’re as stubborn as they come!”


Here she is the White Castle Beauty, Ladd’s Castle.

In 1688, he bought a parcel of land extending from the Delaware River to Salem Road. Salem Road is one of the oldest roads in New Jersey. Ladd built a home on this property and it was referred to as Candor Hall. Over the years, it eventually earned the nickname “Ladd’s Castle.” The home disputed as the oldest brick house in America. It has four chimneys and the main building is made of native brick from South Jersey.

Ladd accumulated over 7,000 acres in his lifetime. He kept purchasing land that bordered his property. According to the Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey …
edited by Francis Bazley Leevery, slaves were quite plentiful, though Ladd was a part of the Quaker Society.


The front of the castle. My Knight in shining armor awaits me.

Descendants of John Ladd built Fancy Hill aka The Howell Estate, which eventually became Washington Amusement Park. Washington Park was owned by my secret lover, Billy “The Duke” Thompson that I have written many articles about. It was nicknamed, “The Greatest Pleasure Resort In The World.”


She really doesn’t look over 300 years old.


To The Windows, To The Walls, Sweat Drip From…. Yup, Yummygal went a little “dirty.”

The amusement park burned down in a fire. Presently, the land is part of the West Deptford Refinery and the Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge.

However, the Castle exists today!


Last shot of the house on the side.

Pretty neat to have a White Castle in our backyard….and no not the fast food chain! However, those burgers are quite delicious.

Until Our Next Adventure, My Friends! ~ The Yummygal

6 thoughts on “Ladd’s Castle~ A White Castle in South Jersey and No… Not the Fast Food Restaurant

    • In the 1600s, this size would be considered a castle as most lived in small log cabins, etc. you have to look at the time period. Now, just a normal sized home.

  1. I have a receipt from painters (William/Charles Scott) that did work on this house for Anna Howell July 1st 1839. Interested? I’m like 50% sure this was the house but I could be wrong. I did some research but maybe you can help.

    • Daniel, it could be or could be the property in Crown Point. I know the Howell estate sat where the old Washington Amusement Park once stood, but she was also a descendant of John Ladd. Interesting though!! I’ll look more into!

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