Church Landing Farm Museum~ My Oh My, What A Wonderful Day!

Church Landing Farm Museum & Library

86 Church Landing Road

Pennsville, NJ

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“The Farmer Is The Only Man In Our Economy Who Buys Everything At Retail, Sells Everything At Wholesale, And Pays The Freight Both Ways.”

-John F. Kennedy

Zippity doo dah, Zippity aye,
My oh my what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine coming my way at the Churchlanding Farm Museum on this special day!


Welcome to the Church Landing Farm, my friends!

I arrived at the annual Christmas Open House. It was beautifully decorated in a Christmas Victorian fashion with a display of “Plasticville” which is on a lot of old time collector’s lists! They also offered various baked goods with recipes. Including Civil War cookies and desserts and a traditional Swedish recipe of hot Wassail! Ummm, yummy for the Yummygal! (she loves her food that one.)

At my age, only 3 things can make me go running. When someone yells,


“Free Food!”, or

“The free food’s on fire!”

Next Year, check out the Christmas Open House!

This Gothic Revival Farmhouse architecture is nestled on the enchanting Delaware River. Wonderful views and a charming site.


The stunning farmhouse.


Very cute! Notice the Delaware River view in the background.

The farmhouse was once owned by the Garrison/Locuson family. Daniel Garrison was once a NJ Congressman. He is buried with his wife Rebecca at St. George’s Cemetery (right down the street). St. George’s church is one year shy of turning 300 years old.


Church Landing Museum grounds with the Delaware Memorial Bridge in the background.


The Victorian themed garden.

Owned by the Pennsville Historical Society. This place packs in 5 acres of pure enjoyment. The Church Landing Museum offerings are a floating cabin which was built in Pennsville in the 1800s, a tour of the house with period furniture (really neat), gift shop, weaving room with carriage house, outhouses, Victorian garden and what I LOVED most of all the Riverview Beach Park Museum.


Sign for the entrance of the Riverview Beach Museum.


AWESOME artifacts are held here!


What the Riverview Beach Amusement Park looked like. Opened in1923 and closed its doors on Labor Day in 1967.


Old bumper car. This is the picture I am showing you. You’ll have to check this place out and be amazed! Sorry a bit blurry.

In the Weaving Room/Carriage museum (Townsend Annex) a woman was weaving and telling the history in how textiles were made of a century ago. The Riverview Beach museum was my favorite. It holds old artifacts and pictures of the late amusement park that was located at current Riverview Beach Park.


Just one of the many carriages on display!


Weaving display in the Townsend Annex.

I was knocked to my knickers since I am fascinated with old theme parks that were located on the Delaware River of a century ago.

Museum hours are generally Wednesdays and Sundays from 1pm-3pm. Please check with the museum in regards to their library hours. The outside grounds are open daily and has become a popular bird-watching site due to its location along the Delaware River.


Indoor antique lighting from Mullica Hill. I’m not showing you anymore of the indoors. You’ll have to check it out for yourself!


My son enjoying his day at the Church Landing Road Museum!

Annually, they hold special events such as the Christmas Open House I attended. There is a Farm Day each spring offering demonstrations of weaving and canning. Also, pony rides for the kids and a Civil War Encampment.

In any event, the docents that volunteer their time are very welcoming. The Church Landing Museum is worth ferreting out in our South Jersey area. Maybe learn a little history too!


The charming outhouse. You’ll have to check inside!

We will close our story to the rest of the Zippity Do Dah song. Seems fitting since it is a great bird-watching site too!

“Mister blue bird’s on my shoulder,
it’s the truth,
it’s actual,
everything’s satisfactual!
Zippity doo dah,
zippity aye,
zippity doo dah,
zippity aye!”

My Oh My, You’ll have a splendid day here!

Side Note: The museum is closed until Sunday, March 10th. With a program in the Towsend Building which will be the highlight! Become a Member they are always welcome 🙂

Until Our Next Adventure! ~ The Yummygal

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