The Delaware Valley is Becoming a Top Destination for Retirees – By Evelyn Fischer

The Delaware Valley is Becoming a Top Destination for Retirees – By Evelyn Fischer

Evelyn Fischer is a freelance travel writer and has written for many online publications. She has been gracious to write an article for the Yummygal site!

This article is actually quite compelling in why retirees are now looking into South Jersey for retirement using statistical documentation. Plus, some fun facts about our local towns!

It may seem an unlikely candidate for the new Florida, but South Jersey and the Delaware Valley has seen a huge rise in the number of retirees choosing to spend the rest of their life here.

Part of this reason is that New Jersey is the most populous state in America, and as with the rest of the United States, the older adult population is growing rapidly as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age.

However, South Jersey, with its rich history, abundant arts, excellent health care services and large amounts of green space and countryside is also proving incredibly popular with retirees from out-of-state looking to settle down.

An older New Jersey

According to the last census, it is estimated that by 2030, the older adult population in New Jersey will reach 21 percent; up from its current level of 13.5 percent, and with such an array of different offerings for the retired person, it is no wonder the Delaware Valley is so appealing.

Of course, such a shift in population age is bringing many challenges for the Delaware Valley. Older adults have different needs and aspirations compared to younger citizens. For retirees, where incomes are derived from pensions, life insurance policies and end of life cover, things such as low residential taxes, crime rates and health services are more important than such things as high school performance statistics.

With its relatively low crime and excellent health care services, Delaware Valley is proving attractive, not just to the current crop of retirees, but also the many people from the city who are approaching retirement and are starting to plan for the future by investing money in pensions and life policies.

These people are looking at less expensive properties, in quieter, more relaxed areas, close to the city but where they can finish their working life and go on to retire.

Places to retire

For the older adult looking for a place to settle down, there are no shortage of options in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley region, and many towns are thinking of the older generation and investing heavily to provide the necessary services to attract these new retirees.

Mullica Hill

Known for its strip of antique shops and broad stretches of open space, Mullica Hill is being redeveloped rapidly and is already seeing a large growth in its population. Some notable developments include a new medical center on route 322 and Richmond Village, a 350-acre development that is set to become a new town in its own right, while downtown Mullica Hill is being beautified with benches and decorative streetlights as part of the renovation of this historic corridor.


Often regarded as one of the best towns to live in South Jersey, Medford has the advantage of being quiet yet close to everything with both the city and shore within an hour’s drive. The neighborhoods in the Pine Barrens are quiet, with plenty of access to large parks, making it ideal for the retiree looking for peace and quiet without feeling they are stranded in the middle of nowhere.


At the halfway distance between Philadelphia and New York, Bordentown has the feel of a small community but all the advantages of a big town, thanks to its close proximity to Bordentown City. Crime rates are low and the new $100 million Princewood Properties waterfront development project will see new residential, retail and commercial properties, including a Lutheran Ministries senior community.


With its downtown area full of boutique shops and quality restaurants and a rich history dating back to 1683, Haddonfield is tranquil as it is practical. Manhattan is just 90 minutes away, Atlantic City an hour and Philadelphia less than 30 minutes. The town already has a burgeoning retirement community and the Mabel Kay Senior Center provides plenty of activities for retirees of all ages. Haddonfield also has a large number of young professionals living in the town and is becoming increasingly popular with families too.


This quiet riverside community is well-known for its old fashioned values and sleepy way of life. At its heart lies a blue-collar community that is proud of Florence’s place in history – the town produced all the cables that suspend the Golden Gate Bridge. However, Florence is an up-and-coming town, thanks primarily to its riverside location, and an increasing number of people moving into the new riverside developments.

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