Webbs Mill~ So Pretty I Couldn’t Keep Still And Almost Peed My Pants

Webbs Mill Bog Area

Forked River, NJ

Greenwood Wildlife Management

Ocean County

“We had grain but no mills, so I designed a special mill of wood so we could make flour.”
-Mikhail Kalashnikov

Oh Webbs Mill you are a gorgeous exploring area. You are known to have beautiful rare orchids and carnivorous plants on your land. I wonder if a plant could eat my finger? That would be cool!

Yup, you think orchids would be found in South America, right? Wrong! Also, you may also see some pine barren bluets! They are a blue small semi-aquatic insect, that is in the damselfly family. They are REALLY purrrdy looking buggers and are on the endangered list.

Basically this place to some it all up, is worth checking out if you are into nature. Especially things that are rare. They thrive here!

You can either take Route 539 in or there is another area that has a cool boardwalk. The boardwalk allows you to explore the diverse wildlife and if you have a stroller, then “Don’t Worry Be Happy” ‘Mon.


The beautiful stream near the Webbs Mill area. Atlantic White Cedars are lining its path. Gorgeous!


Hello, there pretty Piney Water. I know why Mr. Wharton wanted to sell you now!


Just some random vegetation, Don’t pee yourself! Nothing too exciting.

We took Route 539. Now this area has had MAJOR beaver interference. They are building these crazy dams. These dams are causing immense flooding to the roadway and erosion.

Cute Joke:

What did the beaver say when his home fell down????

DAM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the beavers have been left alone for sometime, but I think that is going to be changing pretty soon. Ummmm Beaver soup, delicious!

The road is entirely impassable at times due to rainstorms and the beaver dams. The water rises and overflows its banks and voila, the damage to the road occurs.

Recently, I have seen a picture where the road is pretty much washed away with a big old pipe sticking out. Which is why if you are exploring the way I came in at (539). WADERS are probably the way to go. However, this place is outright magical for its unique creatures that live among the old bog.


The Webbs Mill Bog


I’ll jump on your lily pads anytime. Grrrr.

If you continue along past the Webbs Mill Bogg area and are able to get through.(GOOD LUCK, FYI) Make sure you have a 4×4. It will take you out to Black’s Bridge near the Eureka Gun Club property where they once charcoaled trees in the area over a century ago. Some remnants still exist today of the ashes. I was showed where they were too. It was totally awesome!


The area of the old gun club.


Black’s Bridge


The pond from the bridge.


Piney water, so clear you can see the vegetation at the bottom.


A nice little stream.


This mound has old charcoaling remains. Pretty swell!

Anyways, any nature nut is going to love it here. They say the best times are in June and July. The vegetation is usually at its peak and coming to life. However, for the Yummygal anytime is a good time.

Until our next adventure! -The Yippie To The Skippy of Company “B” ~The Yummygal

3 thoughts on “Webbs Mill~ So Pretty I Couldn’t Keep Still And Almost Peed My Pants

  1. Love this area. I come across Webbs Mill Rd, sometimes on foot, sometimes on mountain bike. I explore the FR Mountains area weekly. Love this area. Nice pics and great site

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