Brooksbrae Brick Factory~ She’s A Brick House, Just Lettin’ It All Hang Out.

The Ruins Of The Brooksbrae Brick Factory

Brendan T. Byrne State Park

Route 72
Manchester, NJ.

Guess what? The Yippie To The Skippy Yummygal is back in good old New Jersey. I hope you enjoy this swell spot. Yup! I said swell!

Any who, a piney friend and I set out on an adventure when I got back home to ‘Joisey.’ It was a gorgeous 75 degree fall day and why not explore the woods? So exploring we did.. Hee Haw, Batman!

Since this story is about brick ruins and an urban legend…lets lighten the mood a bit, shall we?

A man was walking by a building-site when a brick fell and hit him on the head, ruining his new hat.

‘Hey, you up there!’ he shouted to the men on the scaffold.

‘One of those bricks hit me!’

‘You’re lucky!’ one man shouted back. ‘Look what happened to the ones that didn’t.’

If you read below, the joke is somewhat fitting to the urban legend in the area.

Well, it involves death anyway.


The first ruins you will see on your arrival.


Rows of this here. Notice the graffiti.

The Brooksbrae Brick Factory is, “Mighty Mighty, Just Lettin’ It All Hang Out. She’s A Stack And That’s A Fact.” Oh, just singing a little Commodores.

The Brooksbrae Brick Factory site is a local legend of folklore, history, and mystery. Many people are intrigued about the ruins of yesteryear. A variety of urban legends have developed over the last century. Some hold a bit of truth. It is a neat site to check out to fill your curiosity.


Where people think occult happenings occur and crazy Brooksbrae ruins behind it!


Neat tunnels.


Like, totally awesome dude. Remember that movie?

The Brooksbrae Brick Company was incorporated on March 24, 1906. State records indicate it was still in existence by December 1911. The factory was built to produce over 50,000 bricks a day. However, it never lived to witness its full engendering limits. It burned to the ground.

Yup, it burned baby burned… Like the disco inferno. There isn’t much more information deemed in existence about the site. People over the years have tried to “fill in the blanks.” Often times letting the mind ponder up these unimaginable stories of murders and cultism.


The crazy graffiti.


Graffiti is everywhere.


This stuff is everywhere.


Pretty colors, oooooh.


Some areas have really nasty language AND pictures too, just a warning.

There is an “urban legend” (of course in NJ folks, we have our looney bird stories for sure!) of a man named Gildo Plazziano who was an alleged watchman at the Brooksbrae plant. The legend entails that he was reportedly involved in a murder-suicide here. Plazziano supposedly killed a girl named Harriet and then himself (urban legend story.) In the census of 1910, it has Gildo listed in state records and shows documented evidence of his residence.

The following year, Poof! He is not in the census and the girl may have essentially been his son, Harry. Who is believed to have been dead as well. The name could have been altered or mistaken over the last century. Remember to every “urban legend”, you may be able to find a bit of the truth. For Schnizzle. Such occurrence on the property we will never know.


More crazy ruins.


It wouldn’t be a brick factory without bricks, eh?


More crumbling stuff.

Nonetheless, the Brooksbrae Brick Factory is a neat little piece of history. The ruins are in great shape. It has been badly painted with graffiti and paintballs over the years. I do think it gives it a bit of an “artistic touch.” It is a neat place to explore in the Pine Barrens. The Yummygal thinks every place on this planet is neat to explore.


Such classy artwork, eh? Haha!

“It Is Only In Adventure That Some People Succeed In Knowing Themselves~ In Finding Themselves.” -Andre Gide

The above explains the Yummygal in its entirety.

Thanks for Reading and have an adventurous weekend! ~The Yippie to the Skippie~ Yummygal

Sources:, Jerseyman, NY Times,, The, And my Piney Friend.

17 thoughts on “Brooksbrae Brick Factory~ She’s A Brick House, Just Lettin’ It All Hang Out.

  1. Did you crawl down inside the tunnels Pineywoman?you can do a hundred foot through trip.south jersey caving at it’s best:-)

  2. Yummygal:

    I disagree with Beck’s account of a fire sweeping Brooksbrae, except possibly as a result of a forest fire at a much later date. I have never found any account of the brickyard itself burning.

    You should reread my account of Plazziano; I provide substantial proof of his actions and his death by fire, negating the designation of “urban legend.” I also fully identify his victim as a girl who lived in the neighborhood with her family.

    Just trying to keep it real, Dee.

    Best regards,

    • I tried not to even mention Beck because he even got the name wrong in his book. By looking at the site, I didn’t see any fire remnants however, that was a long time go. So the “urban legend” isn’t a legend rather than historical fact. Thanks for keeping it “real” Jerseyman. And providing us with the historical accuracy and negating the “urban legend!” Ha! You know my name.

  3. That place is chigger heaven in the summer! If you visit in the warm months….you’ll wish you didn’t (just warning your readers).

  4. I’ve ran across bricks in that area marked “P.T.C.Co” (which I have pictures of) which would
    lead me to believe that site at one time went under the name Pasadena Terra Cotta Company.

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