I Scream You Scream… We All Scream For Klavon’s Ice Cream

Klavon’s Ice Cream

An AUTHENTIC 1920s Ice Cream Parlor
2801 Penn Ave
“The Burgh”

Yup! I am screaming at the top of my lungs for Klavon’s Ice Cream!

Have you ever wanted to experience how pharmacies were in days of old? REAL soda fountains with soda jerks behind the counter? How about some REAL ice cream in how it was served 60 years ago? One word, Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor. If you had to choose ONE place to visit when you are in Pittsburgh. This is it ladies and gentlemen.

The moment you walk through the door it is like stepping back to the early to mid-1900s. EVERYTHING is original to the Klavon’s ice cream parlor right down to the old style freezers, phone booths, woodwork, and Art Deco light fixtures.


Klavon’s Mural.


The original ice cream parlor.


The old pharmacy in original condition.

Klavon’s is family owned and operated spanning three generations and now working their way onto their fourth. The grandchildren of the late James and Mary Klavon are currently running the business. It originally opened its doors in 1923. It was shut down for almost two decades before reopening in 1999. The family got together after their patriarch’s passing and decided to bring it back to life again. It has become a Pittsburgh sensation. Klavon’s has been nationally and locally praised.


The original counter, stools, everything!


Bell telephone booths. It was around Halloween. The skeleton is waving at you!


They sold candy that you just can’t find anymore. I felt like a little girl!

Young and old generations are now flocking through their doors. Klavon’s ice cream is locally made in Pennsylvania. The original Art Deco soda fountain is still in pristine running condition. They serve their infamous banana splits in their original banana split dishes. Hundreds of old medicines and apothecary treasures are still featured in the parlor, as if nothing has changed. It is an experience to step back in time.


Old TV.


This place is amazing!


Soda flavors to your heart’s content.

The Klavon family enjoys telling stories about the building, the family’s history and best of all serving their guests the best ice cream sundaes you could ever have. You’ll feel like a kid again. Traveling back in time, when times were much simpler.


Pumpkin ice cream to the left, my sundae to the right.


Root beer float.


Nom nom nom nom.


Klavon family photos, situated in one of the parlor tables.


Classic coke bottles and candy! Can’t get any better than that!

I enjoyed a brownie sundae. My husband choked down a homemade root beer float and couldn’t resist having pumpkin ice cream. The pumpkin ice cream had pieces of pie crust in it. Tasting like a delightful pumpkin pie. I honestly thought he was going to faint because he said it was out of this world!

And that’s what Klavon’s is, out of this world. Unlike any ice cream parlor, I have ever experienced.

It was my favorite stop on my entire visit to Pittsburgh.

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