A Princess In Pittsburgh At The Boggs Mansion

The Inn On The Mexican War Streets Bed And Breakfast

Boggs Mansion

Pittsburgh, PA.

I Would Always Reserve A Special Place In My Heart For Pittsburgh.
-Willie Stargell

Yummygal is taking you on a road trip to Pennsylvania’s second largest city, Pittsburgh, aka “The Pitty”, in which I aptly named. It is just a short five hour scenic drive from Philadelphia via Route 76 (it took us four hours.) Pittsburgh is outright romantic. Don’t worry, I will take you back to the Delaware Valley by next week and have more adventures for you! I am just trying to show you folks what is out there in our vicinity. Pittsburgh reminds me of romantic Paris, France. Oui Oui Oui, baby.

Who would’ve thought?

If you are a couple looking to get away for a romantic retreat, this city has it all.

It was my husband and I’s anniversary getaway. We go away a few days each year within driving distance of South Jersey to celebrate our life together. It is always a random city. Every year we take turns. Last year, it was mine and I chose Baltimore. This year it was my husband’s turn and he chose Pittsburgh. Honestly, I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind. That was far from the truth. It was one of the most beautiful cities in Pennsylvania I have ever seen. It says a lot since I lived 5 years in Pennsylvania.

It may get hot in here, due to the purpose of this vacation because its always like a honeymoon to us. Bow Chicka Wow Wow, right? Simmer down, it is not going to get too steamy. However, I can give you the PG version of our best anniversary yet.


No explanation necessary


The exquisite Boggs Mansion.


The Inn On Mexican War Streets from Allegheny Commons Park.

Our first stop in the romantic city is of course, the #1 place to stay, The Inn On The Mexican War Streets. You’ll truly feel like the queen or king of Pittsburgh as it is your magical castle. This lovely mansion was built by a wealthy man named, Russell H. Boggs and his life will surely blow the brains out of your mind. It holds a lot of architectural history in the city.

Of course the Yummygal will fill you in with the details.


Downtown Pittsburgh at night.


The neat architecture of downtown Pittsburgh.

Russell H. Boggs was most likely born in Evans City due to the Boggs Mill in the vicinity. He and childhood friend Henry Buhl, Jr., left neighboring Zelienople (which was part of Evans City in the late 1800s and a population of around 600 at the time) and set off for the big city of Pittsburgh.


Found this vintage invoice being sold on eBay from the old department store of Boggs & Buhl.


Vintage storage chest being sold on Etsy.


The chest holds the Boggs & Buhl logo.

Buhl’s father loaned them $3,500 to open up a small store on the North side. It was only 18 feet by 18 feet. However, a great work ethic on both their parts grew their small store into a department store Mecca. Actually, both were know to work 7 day weeks. Hmm, reminds me of my husband. It was later deemed the Buhl & Boggs Department Store. The store carried superb quality products. It was also revered for its excellent customer service which made it very successful in the city of Pittsburgh for decades. Boggs was known to snap his fingers at his employees as customers would walk through the door.


The fancy homes with immaculate landscaping around the Boggs Mansion.


I want to pinch my own cheeks!

Their business made them very wealthy. Boggs, with his wealth, financed the esteemed Pittsburgh, Harmony, and New Castle Railway. This allowed for cheap and efficient transportation from rural and suburban areas of Pittsburgh. These cars were known to go whipping by at over 60 mph. It was quite profitable and was sold in just a few short years to a Pittsburgh lawyer.


The Romanesque entrance that greets you.


The luxe lobby.


Look at the architectural detail of this beauty.


The winding staircase.

Boggs also was an investor/board member of the Allegheny Illuminating and Gas Company. As you can see, he quickly amounted to a lot of wealth. It was rumored that Boggs & Buhl were a gay couple. As you know, the way of the times that was a definite no-no in those days. They were so tight that Boggs married Buhl’s sister because they wanted it to be a family business. Eventually, he built this beautiful mansion in 1888. Later, he died in 1922 with Buhl creating his own legacy.


Oui Oui, baby!


Let’s play some chess.

The mansion over the years became a declining mess. It was once a rectory and then later on a dilapidated apartment complex. However, two men known in their revitalization efforts and pure magic of elbow grease purchased the property in the late 1990s. Current owners Karl and Jeff, turned this almost trash into a shining gem treasure. It underwent a million dollar renovation to bring this baby back to its glory. These two men are just two former school teachers now creating their own legacy of Pittsburgh elegance. Outstanding hospitality in their boutique style bed and breakfast.


Emma’s Room at the Boggs Mansion and Yummygal’s lovely gatorade pictured here.


They kept the Victorian charm.


View from our room the expansive courtyard onlooking the carriage house.

My husband and I stayed in Emma’s room. It is located on the back of the mansion overlooking a landscaped courtyard and the carriage house. Our room had two queen beds, a full bathroom, vanity set, TV. Everything you need. We chose this inn due to the location and its elegance. It is close to all the sights to see in Pittsburgh. Most within walking distance. Anyone in town going to a Steelers game this is the best place to stay. Location location location.


The beautiful landscaping. You’ll find a few whimsical fountains around the property.


Walkway to courtyard.


Another little sitting nook.

The grounds are immaculately landscaped with little nooks to explore. The breakfast is served in a classy old smoke room. Upholstered in velvety luxury. A full-scale continental yumminess is served daily with eggs, waffles and fresh fruit. Coffee, cereal, yogurt, juices, milk, assorted pastries and muffins. Lets just say I put on a few pounds. Hehe.


Breakfast room. Old smoking room of the mansion.


Sit down and enjoy your coffee in the old smoke room.


No detail left unturned in the breakfast room even down to the stained glass window.

Oh did I mention the price? It is about $159 a night. This is a steal. Other hotels were charging at least $250 a night (Econolodge was the cheapest price!) There was a Steelers game that weekend so all the hotels were trying to make that Ca-Ching!


Romantic park across the street. A man was playing jazz on his saxophone and it echoed in the air. It was lovely.


Hubs and I walked hand in hand through here at Allegheny Commons Park. I know barf, right? Haha.

The Mexican War Streets Inn makes fresh chocolate chip cookies. Offers snacks and popcorn for your taking at anytime. Oh and never paper napkins or paper cups. Fresh linen napkins and crystal glasses. Classy right down to the cups. What hotel offers that? The owners make you feel at home. They swell your heart with their hospitality.


Making history in the local paper.


The Boggs Mansion. A stay of a lifetime.

When my husband and I returned back to Jersey we had an ache in our heart. We desperately wanted to go back. We can’t wait to return. We felt as if we were “at home” our entire stay. We fell in love with Pittsburgh and its people. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was a great anniversary getaway!

If staying in Pittsburgh, this is THE place to stay. You can thank Yummygal, later!


Bye Bye Boggs Mansion. We Already Miss You!

10 thoughts on “A Princess In Pittsburgh At The Boggs Mansion

  1. next time you are near Pittsburgh, you should consider visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.
    Enjoy your posts. I like Pittsburgh ( as much as a Clevelander can ) but it always seems where ever you are, there’s always a hill between you and your destination.

    • We did consider it. There are more Pittsburgh posts coming, hehe. However, we didn’t have time. We fell in love so much that we may go back this year. So much to see in this gem!

        • Yup. Did the incline. They had no land left in Pittsburgh for the masses coming in for jobs and the only land available was the hillside of Mt. Washington. I will be airing that in the next few days, it is funny too because my husband and I were terrified. I did a lot, but just highlighting the cool features of Pitty.

  2. We loved having you and your hubby staying with us too; we have many interesting people from around the world staying with us @ “The Inn,” but you two were some of the neatest! Thanks for visiting “The Burgh” and our establishment!! The pleasure was ours!!! Karl & Jeff, owners/operators Inn MWS :>)

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures….You’re right,the Burgh is a beautiful city. My wife and I moved to a apt.about a block from the Inn at Mexican War streets from South Jersey.Still get trying to find our way around town!

    • Paul, thanks! We decided to do Gettysburg this year since this hubs isn’t too happy with the Steelers’ performance this year. he didn’t want to have to pay to see them lose. We will be back. Probably next year! I’m glad you’re enjoying it coming from South Jersey. I feel Pittsburgh offers a whole lot more in a way than Philly does at times.

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