Awesome Batsto Village Volunteers Needed

New Jersey History Buffs Wanted!

Yummygal's visit to Batsto Village this past summer.

Yummygal’s visit to Batsto Village this past summer.

I was contacted by the Batsto Village folks to get the word out for them. If anyone has a fascination in teaching others or looking for a great place to volunteer. Batsto Village is an epic place to start. They are in need of awesome volunteers at the stunning Wharton Mansion and assistance with interpreting in the Post Office. Here is their contact information. If you can’t volunteer, no worries. Go and and support these local folks. They do a lot of great educational lectures in the community and the grounds are awesome. A great place to take the kids or a romantic “date” day.

piney paradise

Contact Information:
Wes Hughes

(856) 665-7270 Ext 22.
Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc.

Adventure on my Friends! Always here to help NJ’s Finest and of course my beloved Pine Barrens.

-Happy New Year-

-The Yummygal

5 thoughts on “Awesome Batsto Village Volunteers Needed

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  2. Hi Yummygal,
    I like what you do very informative and great photos as well. I’m a Psychic photographer from Millville, N.J. and have photographed well over 21,000 photos. I’m able to go to places of interest and photograph the Spirit’s of those who lived or worked at Historic places. I see you’ve been to Batsto. Awesome place and a lot of history there as well. I’ve taken photos there about 4 yrs. ago. I was looking for the Jersey devil and photographed him as well. I have a web-site where you can see some of my work if you would be interested in doing so.

    it is….

    click on the photos and then place your mouse over the photos to enlarge them as to see in whatever size you want to.
    If you are ever in the Millville area give a holler ..Take care, Greg

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