Galloping Through New Hope, PA

New Hope Is A Rocking Pennsylvania Town

There’s nothing more fabulous than galloping along the Delaware River in New Hope, PA or Lambertville, NJ on a gorgeous sunny day in a speedo. Okay, minus the speedo that would be scary to see on MOST individuals. However, it is probably one of the prime places in the Delaware Valley to go for antiquing, having lunch, or carousing through the many unique shops or outlets.

Of course don’t forget the wineries and the immaculate parks! Hint hint… Washington Crossing Park and New Hope Winery…Geez.

delaware river

The beautiful Delaware River off of Scenic Route 29 Byway of NJ.

Once owned by William Penn (the land). Go figure. He owned just about every piece of land in all of the beautiful Delaware Valley. New Hope got its start by old grist mills. Then it thrived to be a very productive and lucrative town. It is the oldest township in all of Pennsylvania. Today, New Hope’s main source of income is tourism. And boy do they put on a good show. However, it doesn’t feel the least bit touristy at all. Which I like. I’m not one as you see on my website for the usual “tourist traps.”


Complete Cuteness


Strolling along the streets of New Hope and my friend’s hiney


Galloping along, baby.

Many folks actually dress up here. I saw many women in dresses. Also, men in suits, khakis, or blazers. It is a class act. There is a bridge that connects both Lambertville on the New Jersey side to New Hope in Pennsylvania. On a gorgeous day, you MUST walk across and stroll around both towns. It is very scenic. Take A LOT of pictures of the pristine river view from the bridge!


Oooooh La La. New Hope.


Awesome place to eat!


The front of the Landing Restaurant…time to get your grub on.

There are some river tours. Gather the family up for a nice boat ride or an awesome train ride tour. Afterwards, go to eat at The Landing Restaurant. It overlooks the Delaware River. The view is unobstructed with a view of the bridge. There’s nothing more pleasurable than sipping a glass of Riesling, grabbing a nice bite to eat and feeling a breeze brush up against your face. Ahhhh the good life.


Dining on the Delaware


La la la

The grounds are nicely landscaped too!


Pretty landscaping

After you are done eating your delectable lunch, head on out and shop until your panties drop (or speedos as I mentioned above). I did!

It really is just a “Perfect Day” if you ever get to visit. Bring the family for incredible memories. I’m telling you. It is an awesome town to explore.

This is the last post about New Hope. Another NJ place to check out will air this Friday!

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