Cape May Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse


Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

This is a staple to all of us grown-ups, growing up in the area. We all have seen this Cape May beauty at one point in our lives. Most Probably when we were kids.

The lighthouse still to this day serves as a focal point for navigating ships even with all of our modern-day technology.


Cape May Lighthouse


It stands at 157 feet high.

This was the 3rd lighthouse built in the vicinity and has been around since 1859. It was built by the brick that was used as the previously lighthouse. (They were green back then and didn’t know it, haha!)

It contains 199 stairs to reach the top. Offering unobstructed panoramic views of the bay and gorgeous coastline.

If you are a bird watcher, this is an extremely popular location in our area.

It is known as one of the most awesome spots in America to see the migration of hundreds of hawks in the fall.

This location is also a prime area for other migratory species of birds, horseshoe crab mating, the passage of the monarch butterflies and dragonflies.


Cape May Lighthouse Sign

There are many hiking trails also around the lighthouse bursting with wildlife.

Also, on the premises, a WW2 bunker. At low tide you can see the turrets in the front of it. It aided as protection of any potential incoming attacks during that era. From the air, it looks like a natural hill. Kind of clever to do that, eh? After, Pearl Harbor we definitely beefed up our National Security that’s for sure.

It’s definitely a place I enjoyed as a kid and a place I will take my son, as my parents did before me.

It’s our Philly area tradition.

Thomas Edison Museum, Menlo Park, NJ

Thomas Edison Museum

37 Christie Street, Edison, NJ
(A city named after this infamous dude)

Top places to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

This museum is extraordinary. It is now a historic National Park. A majority of New Jersey residents never think about Thomas Edison. However, Thomas Edison has developed over 1,093 different patents. The phonograph, light bulb, the alkaline battery, and even the invention of the video camera.

He is NJ’s most famous inventor.

What we enjoy today in our modern convenience of electronics. He was instrumental in creating.


Hello, I’m Mr. Thomas Edison. Photo courtesy of photobucket.


I remember going here as a child and seeing the actual workshop he created these inventions in. Feeling awe-inspired as a young girl.

I vividly recall hearing a recording of, “Mary had a little lamb”. The first words ever recorded on this planet my friends. On an original phonograph. The laboratory of his inventions has remained untouched in decades and is truly a sight to see. They have also kept up with the preservation of the architecture.

This is a wonderful kid friendly exhibit.

Adults would truly appreciate what this place has to offer as well.

One of the most famous black inventors was an assistant to Mr. Edison.

Lewis Latimer who has not received credit that he rightfully deserves in the history books.

Latimer designed the filament used in the successful invention of the lightbulb. He also developed the electronic circuitry in the lightbulb. Mr. Latimer was also an assistant to Alexander Graham Bell developing the plans for the telephone.

Can you say genius?

The museum has been totally redesigned and completely renovated.

It is definitely worth the trip in seeing in your lifetime.

It is good to gain some education in our small miniscule Jersey minds.

Did a lightbulb just go off? Nope. It was just the lightbulb at the Thomas Edison museum. Haha