The Whitall House~ Ann Whitall Was A Witty Spouse

The Whitall House National Park, NJ

Upon my discoveries, I have come across a few historical elements in the area. I sometimes get cross-referenced with certain things in my findings. For instance, I was checking out the legendary Frank Stewart’s historical notations (as you see in my previous blog posting.) He mentions Ann Whitall’s diary. The day of the attack in the Revolutionary War at Fort Mercer in current day National Park, NJ.


Whitall relative

Stewart’s notes made me laugh. Ann is a typical stubborn woman who is quite “normal” when you talk about the women of NJ. Oh and I need to mention I truly love her. She was warned by her son to go to the neighbor’s house so she would be safe on the day of the war. Ann Whitall did not budge. She said The Lord would protect her. She set up her spinning table in one of the rooms and continued spinning throughout the duration. However, a cannonball flew into the home landing pretty close to herself, it kind of perked her up. She then picked up her wheel and continued spinning in the basement until the war was over.


ORIGINAL blanket of Anne Whitall’s

She was instrumental for all the wounded soldiers even the British/Hessians. Ann used her home as a hospital so she could tend to their wounds.


Old period medical devices. They most-likely used on the soldiers

After reading Stewart’s article, I had to immediately check out the house. I have always walked right by it when walking around the park.


Where the cannonball came in at

The Whitall’s were actually quite wealthy and owned 400 acres of land. They were Quakers like a lot of folks were in the area. The home was built in 1746. It is quite large. It is accustomed with a large kitchen and even closets which were very rare for the time period.


The fireplace

I came here on a rainy, hot and steamy day in September. I knocked at the door and was greeted by a nice woman in colonial garb. It frightened my kid out. However, after we walked around he was quite alright.


Lets churn some butter!

I got to tour the whole downstairs with a few original pieces that the Whitall’s owned. Some old medical instruments they used in the time frame. Plus, seeing an antique clock and the original floors made me quite happy to see it has been well-preserved.


It’s bath time

Funny to see that it was going to be knocked down in the early 1900s to build a housing development. However, due to Frank Stewart, it did not. The house and the grounds remain today due to his generosity and preservation efforts.


The Whitall House

You have to check out the house and all the cool features. They also hold candlelight tours on certain nights throughout the year. It’s a great little piece of history in our backyard. They are working on the upper level as we speak for tours. Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “The Whitall House~ Ann Whitall Was A Witty Spouse

  1. hello adventurer! We will be near Cape May for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions of places that you recommend? Seems like you have a feel for the non tourist traps that have the “local feel” – bw

  2. Haha! Definitely not the tourist trap kind. One museum A MUST TO STOP AT and featuring in a bit (no one really knows about) is the Forgotten Warriors Museum it sits directly across from the Cape May Aviation Museum. The Forgotten Warriors is free. It is a Vietnam Museum. No other place like it in the country. There are many great wineries as well. Also, check out the lighthouse. Diamond Beach, go whale watching. Go to the Cape May Zoo (this is also free.) You will love it. Also, a must to take a ride on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry they at times have live entertainment. For something more scenic, take a trip along Delsea Drive (Route 47) into the Pine Barrens. I’m not sure what you are entirely looking for. However, there’s a Cape May Blog I subscribe to as well called the They usually showcase all the weekend events and a lot more “local” feel to their blog as well. Which I like. I hope you have a great time. It’s a nice little Victorian-style shore town.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m always here if you have ANY questions. Enjoy your trip!

  3. as you must know by now, I COMMEND YOU on your seemingly never-ending research and especially FIELD-EXPLORATIONS of the historical (hysterical?) wonders of your area. if i could find WHERE to nominate someone for regional historical research, accompanied by touching and feeling and sensing those very areas — well, i would! keypit upp!

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