You aren’t Philly, unless you know Mister Softee


Mr. Softee

You aren’t Philly if you haven’t had water ice, a cheesesteak, tastykake, soft pretzel, or

Mister I will never get the song out of my head Softee.

Mister Softee is like cheesesteaks. You aren’t Philly unless you’ve had a few.

The song will NEVER leave your brain. It runs on and on and on and on. I am sure it has made someone go literally certifiable crazy over the years. Mister Softee has been an institution since the 1950s. Two brothers started the business here in South Jersey. And the company continues handing out ice cream treats today to young and old generations alike.

Don’t you remember running after the truck from blocks away and almost seeing a kid getting hit?

Ahhhhhh, the good old days. Great memories. A Philly Area institution that never gets the credit it deserves.

11 thoughts on “You aren’t Philly, unless you know Mister Softee

  1. Hi YG – Thanks for featuring our company and the kind words. One minor correction, our fathers started the company in West Philadelphia in 1956 before moving to Runnemede, NJ in 1959. Also of interest is the toy truck pictured on your post. That truck is a replica of trucks made in England during the early 1960’s. The jingle was initially made for a radio commercial before being applied to the trucks around 1960.
    Anyone who is interested can follow Mister Softee on facebook. We have an online store at .
    As an aside, you are a very attractive young woman but posting a photo sitting on an unmade bed in a Marriott – not so much.
    Jim Conway
    Vice President
    Mister Softee Inc.

    • Jim, that was my wedding day with the unmade bed. Oh and you would be correct at the Marriot (we were getting ready). However, thank you for setting Mister Softee straight on your history. It was just a little snippet I had to post because your company is the epitome of tradition in the area. You aren’t Philly or South Jersey unless you have had Mister Softee. I mostly write about places that have a lot of history in our area. Thanks Again. Oh and I am changing the picture.

  2. ahh Mister Softee.
    My dad was a Mister Softee back in the 60s. His photo is on the Mister Softee website, posing with is truck.
    I use the jingle as a ringtone on my phone.

  3. For two summers, 1960-61, while in high school (Bishop Eustace), I drove a Mr Softee truck for Mr. Frank Gizzi of Paulsboro. The ear ringing I now suffer, I believe, is the Mr Softee gingle playing in multiple octaves!

    James “Mike” Flynn, Sand Key, Clearwater, Fla.

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