Magens Bay~ St. Thomas Revisited

Magens Bay Beach
St. Thomas USVI

This St. John trip we headed over to the infamous Magens Bay in St. Thomas. My gazillionth time here. The massive beach and surrounding land was once owned by Arthur Fairchild and donated to St. Thomas upon his death. He wanted the beauty to always stay cherished. It is now owned by the Magens Bay Authority.


See you again soon, babycakes. 2013…Jared if you are reading….you’ll be hearing from me soon!


Picture of the expansive beach at Magens

I was excited to come back and hoping for a refreshing stop at Udder Delight (they were closed) after our beach day. However, I was a little bit disappointed at Magens Bay this time.

They say this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it just may be on St. Thomas (Lindquist Beach is my favorite).

It just seems to look more run down from the last time I made a visit.


Another shot of Magens Bay

The beach bar still is awesome, always someone there to aid with an alcoholic concoction. Relax in paradise. However, the nature trail was blocked off.The beach seems to be even more eroded than my last visit. The area looks “tired” and seriously needs a rest from visitors. Upon my last trip, there was a nice gaping hole from a tropical storm that blew through. That did seem to be corrected. Sooooo yay!!


Still beautiful, but didn’t seem the same and about my 6th or 7th visit now

Perhaps I was just spoiled because of all the gorgeous St. John beaches we had visited on this trip. Magens Bay really can’t compare.


the big bay

It still is a great relaxing beach and only one of the few beaches where you can enjoy an adult beverage and be in paradise. Feel the wind in your hair and know that life is just magnificent in this moment. Ahhhhhh.


One Bushwacker please!

It’s still a beauty. Heck this sure beats the Jersey Shore. In fact, I have had very limited beach days since my first visit to the Caribbean (A decade ago). I really can’t take all the traffic and the influx of people who flock “down the shore” on the weekend.

Magens just needs more sand to help with the beach erosion and some quiet from people for a bit to recharge and come alive again!


A palm tree in paradise

Hopefully, you can enjoy it as I have in the past.

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