Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Bats! Only Native Mammal of St. John USVI

Here it is another Fun Fact Friday my friends! Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful fall week! Also, I’m looking forward to another rocking weekend. (Hope yours is even more rocking than mine.)

Those of you that are in South Jersey…you MUST check out the Burlington County Wine Festival this Weekend. They are featuring over 13 NJ wineries for all of your “grape juice” needs this Saturday and Sunday. The grounds contain over 640 gorgeous acres to spread out and to have a little fun!

I’ll be there as well. Definitely say,”Hi.” Fyi, I don’t bite. Would love to see you.


Beautiful Waterlemon Cay, St. John

Well for this Fun Fact, I’m taking you to the gorgeous US Virgin Islands. Imagine wind in your hair, a rum drink concoction in your hand and when it gets dark…….BATS! Hahahahaha!! Yup, you will notice them or hear an, “Eek Eek Eek” here or there.

I mention this because most folks see donkeys, goats, deer, turtles, mongoose, lizards, geckos, tree frogs, bananaquits, pearly-eyed thrashers, mantas, dolphins, and an occasional whale. However, the only land mammal native to the Virgin Islands is the bat. There are a few native bats. However, the Fishing Bat is on the endangered list. All other mammals were brought over by the early settlers and have adjusted to the natural environment.


A kayak on Haulover Bay

So when you are out and about at night enjoying your lovely island…make sure if you hear the, “Eek Eek Eek” that you say, “Good Evening” to them. It is proper island etiquette to the locals…

And after all….they are the native folk!

Have a great weekend everyone. -The Yummygal