Howell Living History Farm

Howell Living History Farm

101 Hunter Road
Titusville, NJ 08560

For GPS Directions, Use 70 Woodens Lane, Lambertville, NJ

They say the best things in life are free. With the journey I have been having, I’d say that is quite accurate. The Howell Living History Farm is FREE to the public. It is definitely top on my list.


The Howell Living History Farm

Farming has evolved on this site since the 1730s. It has stood the test of time over the last few centuries. The property has turned hands on a couple of occasions through different familial lines. However, it has always remained a working farm.


Visitors Center

The last family to own the property was Charles and Inez Howell. Charles was a NJ congressman who actually grew up in Trenton which is just south of the grounds. He and his wife never resided on the property, but rented it out to farmers. After Charles died in 1973, His wife wanted to donate the 128 acre farm to Mercer County in his honor (his cremated remains were sprinkled off of the coast of Pt. Pleasant.) Inez wanted children and adults to learn the ways of life on a working farm. She wanted kids to gain educational lessons, to milk a cow, learn how to plant crops, ride a horse or donkey.


The pasture

After much discussion with the county officials and Inez, they decided to turn it into a “Living History Farm.” In which, they would educate the guests that would pay a visit. Also, involving them in activities reminiscent of the 1890-1910 farmstead in Hopewell Township.


The Barn


More barn structures

After some updating, demolishing, and configuration to the expansive grounds. Howell Living History Farm was opened to the public in the early summer of 1984.


The sheep


Peek-a-boo, I see you!

The buildings include a horse farm, a working barn, a newer visitor center constructed within the last decade, an ox and sheep barn. Other structures are an ice house, granary, corn crib, chicken house, pig house and many buildings. The list goes on.


Pleasant Valley Schoolhouse

The volunteers and farmers dress as they did in the 1900s. The farm itself is basically like an Amish working farm. They use old methods of tilling, planting, harvesting ice, dairying, as they also did in that timeframe. The Howell farm also uses working horses and oxen to assist in the farming of the pasture.


Jack and Chester beautiful working horses

Every month there are different activities to partake in. It could be special tours of the property. How to groom a horse, how to harvest ice, grow or pick corn and make crafts (Plus more educational seminars).


Maggie, the beautiful Australian Blue Heeler. She follows the wagon and makes sure everything is in order. A BEAUTIFUL dog

The Howell Living History Farm is the bee’s knees. They grow various produce throughout the year. Wagon rides are offered daily. Kids will enjoy the various animals on the property. Animals include pigs, horses, chickens, sheep, horses, and oxen. Plus, beekeeping.


The Howell Farm kitty


(Toulouse Geese)

Yup…they do it all. It’s lies in the quaint valley of the Pleasant Valley with the Baldpate Mountain lying in the distance. Howell Farm is picturesque with hillside pastures and orchards.


The beautiful brook on the premises

All this and it is FREE TO THE PUBLIC. However, I ALWAYS recommend a donation even if it is a small amount.


Thank you to The Howell Family

Don’t forget to pick up a great book in the gift shop. A volunteer, Larry Kidder, wrote about the Pleasant Valley School System and its vast history. It is a wonderful read.

This is a must to go and see my friends. You will cherish this memory for the rest of your life.

3 thoughts on “Howell Living History Farm

  1. Howell is a favorite of our family. Thought I’d add~ the wonderful lunch prepared by the volunteers, available for small change in the visitor’s center.

  2. What a great day that was with Yummygal, Yummygal’sbaby, Yummygal’s Mama, and and Yummy Russ! We all had a blast. The tour in the wagon was a hoot. Great place to take the whole family.

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