Auburn Road Winery~ Salem County’s Finest Grape Vinery!

Auburn Road Winery

(Pretty kid friendly too! Read Below)

117 Sharptown Auburn Road Pilesgrove, NJ 08098
(856) 769-9463

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This is one of the best well-kept secrets of our great state, our wine and vineyards. New Jersey has what is referred to an Outer Coastal Plain. This region is mostly in the southeastern part of New Jersey. It consists of about 2.5 million acres. The plain’s soil is made of sandy and well-drained rich organic matter. It also has a relatively longer growing season due to climatic influence of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay.


The Auburn Wine Vineyard

The Outer Coastal Plain makes it an ooh-lah-lah area of our state. We get Tuscany and Napa right here in our backyard.


One of my besties towards the entrance of the Auburn vineyard

New Jersey is ranked 7th in the US. In total wine production and is increasingly growing every year. There are now 43 wineries in our lovely state.


The entrance to Auburn Road winery

Auburn Road Winery and Vineyard is a new kid on the block and worth ferreting out (my favorite phrase.) They’ve only been around for about 5 years. However, they offer an abundance in this little baby. They make all varietal types of wines. They consist of dry to sweet and everything in between. To your Pinot Grigio, Bold Merlots, Chardonnay, Chambourcin, and dessert wines. It truly is a candy shop when you arrive at Auburn Winery. You are the kid in the shop and will want to try all the alcoholic lollipops.

Trust me on this!


The Enoteca Wine Bar. Yummygal takes horrid indoor pictures.

What brought me here was their new test-run at the winery on Friday nights. Auburn Road is offering a “What’s for dinner?” themed endeavor. Every single week, the menu is completely different. The cost is a steal at $26.99. Dinner consists of 5 courses. A cheese and wine pairing with organic roumalades, tasty bread with olives, bruschetta, and olive oil accoutrements. An organic salad blend. Main course and gelato for dessert. They use whatever is in season and buy local produce. A true farm-to-fork restaurant.


The laid back restaurant. Doesn’t mean to come in your sweat pants though, folks! Haha

The Give Peach A Chance and the Sole Wines were my favorite of all their offerings.

I also bought a bottle of The Battleship NJ White Wine. (It was good. A nice simple table wine.) Plus, has a piece of our great NJ history on the bottle!


My other bestie 🙂

The winery overlooks the large vineyard. There is a cozy fireplace and a wine bar also in the open floor plan.

I LOVE IT. Okay, I will say it again…LOVE IT.


The Auburn Road Vineyard at sunset

It was a magnificent experience. The owner came around to every table to make sure we were happy and enjoying ourselves.The hostess was polite, professional and very friendly, but not the “fake” friendly, very genuine. The wait staff truly ensured we were having a great experience and are extremely knowledgeable. They do not rush you.


The outdoor patio with my friend in the way of my shot, haha

Auburn Road truly allows you to savor and enjoy the scenery. This was their best asset. After we were finished dinner, my girlfriends and I got to split a nice bottle of wine outside overlooking the vineyard at sunset. It was priceless.


Enjoying a glass of “Give Peach a Chance”

They also offer certain nights of live entertainment.

The vineyard is conveniently open for your enjoyment. Buy a bottle or glass at the Enoteca wine bar. They offer cheeses, breads and antipasti to buy anytime. Sit outside and enjoy its splendor.


A beautiful sunset with my beautiful ladies

For folks with children, they are very “kid friendly.” Auburn Road offers ice cream and other snacks for the little monkeys. I truly like the fact they are trying to satisfy all their customers. It says a lot in the type of business they are running.


Grapes awaiting harvest

Auburn Road keep continuing what you are doing.. Don’t change a thing. It’s working.


Scenic Auburn Road Winery

It is very inexpensive and enjoyable. I am enthused that this is right here in my backyard. I really can’t wait to return.


Beauty does exist in New Jersey, folks…You just have to find it!

Everyone go and seek this wonderful winery in our backyard. Trust me. You will thank me.

Bring the kids! It’s okay!

3 thoughts on “Auburn Road Winery~ Salem County’s Finest Grape Vinery!

  1. Wow, Yummygal! Thanks so much for the kudos in your article @AuburnRoadVineyards! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your dinner, your service and the atmosphere. We agree that our little nook of South Jersey is a treasure. Hope you and your besties will visit again soon! Best from partners and crew at Auburn Road Vineyards and Winery

    • I have visited quite a few wineries the past month. However, you guys are the best! Keep doing what you are doing! You make EVERYONE feel special. That’s a hard quest to conquer. Best of luck to you guys!

  2. It’s more than luck. We like to call it “Good Karma” (as one of our red wine labels boasts!). We all feel thankful to be a part of something bigger than “just a winery”. It’s takes a village to keep this adventure running smoothly- and our village includes owners, staff, and awesome customers like you. We promise to keep at it. Thanks again and do visit soon!

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