My Grandmother

Again, off topic on this site. However, my grandmother passed today. It is so very hard to let someone go who you truly love. You know that one day they will go because lets face it.. It’s the fact of life. I am glad she is no longer suffering. Remember to get out on your adventures my friends. NO memory is hardly ever made by sitting around the house. Get out and enjoy life while you can.

Here is a picture of myself with my grandma and grandfather on my last visit to Arizona.

I am about 15 pounds thinner than this picture so don’t laugh at my boobs okay? Also, there’s my grammy and grandpa. XOXOXO

I have a lot of great posts the next few weeks for your enjoyment and I promise to keep you going through the winter. There will be plenty to do. Also, if you have any pictures of your adventures please forward them on. I will be glad to show them on the site (only with your permission). I received a very heartfelt email the other day, lets just say her initials are “I” and son “X.” (I know you will read this and we will go on adventure soon together!) Now, I have gotten emails before, but she showed pictures of their little adventures together (mommy and son) and it melted my hear (had a tear or two). Especially, the awesome Soupy Island photo. I want to thank you guys for allowing me to showcase my journey with baby mostly in tow. I hope it brings you joy as it has to me. That’s why I do this.

Have a great day everyone! It is too beautiful to be outside today! Enjoy it.. It will get cold soon.

2 thoughts on “My Grandmother

  1. Hi, I recently stumbled on your site about a month ago. Love your local adventures. Really wanted to say sorry to hear about your grandmother. She looks sweet. I lost both of my parents alittle over a year ago…really tough still…and will be. Treasure you love and memories of her until you meet again.

    Take care, Denise

    • Denise! No worries, but thank you. Sometimes it is time to go, but sad to see her go this way. Unfortunately, the circle of life. Will always love her of course! I’ll miss the walks I use to go with her. Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry for your loss, Denise, that must’ve been terrible! I can’t imagine.

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