Fun Fact Friday

Another Yummygal Fun Fact Friday my friends.

This week’s Fun Fact….

What is the Delaware Valley? Okay, well I do talk a lot about it. In fact, it is the vicinity of where I go on all these day trips. It’s probably best that I explain what it is, right?


(The beautiful Delaware)

The Delaware Valley is consisting of the valley where the Delaware River flows, duh!

The river spans over 300 miles flowing North to South to the meeting of the Delaware Bay. However, the valley consists further than this area when it is talked about in the news or what it refers to. It spans the cities of Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Camden. The State of New Jersey (South and Central), all of Delaware, and then leading onward to northern Maryland. It is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the country. It was the fifth until the Phoenix area recently took the position.

However, the media ranks 4th in the country. I guess we like to watch a lot of TV!! And we do. Get out people!! Can’t you see my stories? There is tremendous beauty all around you! Stay tuned for much much more.

The Delaware River is the cleanest river on the east coast. It’s a stomping ground for most migratory birds. Home to many fish, animals and plants. It is an essential part of our ecology. Most folks that live on the river, receive their drinking water from this beautiful baby.

It also serves as one of the largest ports in the country. Providing many jobs in the Philadelphia vicinity.

Much history has occurred within the Delaware. Does General Washington come to mind on a very famous river crossing?

Yup, she’s a keeper. I love her. I always will!

I will be featuring more Delaware and Pennsylvania areas soon. Promise!