Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

Yummygal’s Fun Fact Friday

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Most folks enjoy seeing manta rays out on the water. They are the equal in personality to dogs in the aquatic world. People like them because they are friendly and playful. However, most folks don’t know that by touching them (which is very common especially with tourists) that you are making them more susceptible to disease.


(The doggies of the sea world, the Manta Ray. Photo credit Photobucket.)

The Manta have a very delicate outer protective membrane on their skin. It aids in the protection against diseases and lesions of these beautiful big-brained fish creatures. By touching them even delicately, we make them more susceptible. Most folks don’t know this “fin”fact. Which is why I am putting it out there, Please be respectful of these guys if you are out on the water.

You can look, but please don’t touch. They are beautiful creatures.