Fun Fact Friday

Another Fun Fact Friday, My Friends!


From the Trunk Bay overlook. The left side that ALWAYS gets forgotten. going toward Jumbie Beach.


Have you ever wondered why the water in the Caribbean is turquoise colored?

Well….here’s the answer. There are a few factors…..

Plankton and sunlight are mostly what makes up the jaw-dropping color.

The more phytoplankton in the water. The more “green” it will look.
Another fact, a lot of fish eat plankton.

The less plankton in the water, the more “blue” color it is.


More “green” looking=more plankton. This is at Waterlemon Cay. Makes sense…Saw a lot of fishy fish here.


The Caribbean water looks blue because the sunlight is scattered by the water molecules. Near the sand and reefs, light is also reflected. Which gives it a more “turquoise color” when you are closer to the shore. The farther you go out…..the deeper blue the color (and more azure).

You’ll notice if a cloud passes by the water looks darker…when the sunlight comes out…


The sunnier the more turquoise the color. Look at the sun shining through the clouds below and notice the various colors from its shadows.


Shallower water=more aqua….Plus, the sun is shining in some areas

Hopefully you learned something today. Did you?

The Yummygal may never know.