Thompson Beach, Heislerville NJ. Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you Die

Thompson Beach

Thompson Beach Road
Heislerville, NJ

Top Things to See in the Philadelphia Area before you die.

Okay, this place is gorgeous yet eerie at the same time.

It sits on the beautiful Delaware Bay in a very desolate and unpopulated area.

On your way here, you will most likely see turtles crossing the street and a few unlucky ones at that.


nature lookout area on Thompson Beach Road

This place was a town at one point. However, the township was tired of maintaining the road to get here. It was constantly being flooded out by the Delaware Bay. They decided in the late 1990s to buy the residents out of their properties on the beach. The government used their eminent domain power and demolished the homes. Then they permanently blocked off the road.

What remains are a few ruins of fireplaces, a small beach, and a blocked off street that you can hike to. If walking to the beach there will be some mud if you are daring. The mud is on top of the asphalt road and won’t be like you are knee deep in it. Take precautions if you decide to explore and go at low tide. You want to be safe just in case part of the bay is covering the road by the time you come back to your car.

Thompson’s beach is sort of creepy. A ghost town. Odd. It’s like nature just fought back and wanted their land back.


The beautiful wetlands off of Thompson Rd.

Well, nature won. This land is now owned by PSE&G. An electric and gas company here in South Jersey. I do find a bit odd that they own this place. They are probably receiving a generous tax break for preserving this land.

The Thompson’s Beach lookout is a great location to look at nature, enjoy the scenery and to see the migrating birds every spring.

If you are a bird enthusiast, this is a great estuary spot. It is a pretty location with wetlands all around you. You probably won’t be bothered by people.

You can also squawk like a duck if you want to. I’m sure no one will hear ya. I do it all the time.


My bird friend


See she’s posing for me

If you have a little boat, there’s a tiny launch ramp that you can use. Thompson’s Beach is a great fishing and crabbing location. Only use the ramp at high tide as per the NJ Wildlife site suggests.

Watch out for the greenheads they will attack you viscously. In which, they ravaged yummygal’s momma completely.

Bring the bug spray. I will repeat again, bring the bug spray.

The Heislerville area is definitely a unique place to explore.


boat ramp at Thompson beach lookout

Check out the East Point Lighthouse which is right down the street from this beauty and make a day out of it. Enjoy New Jersey, my friends!


another shot of the surroundings

7 thoughts on “Thompson Beach, Heislerville NJ. Top things to see in the Philadelphia Area before you Die

  1. Dear Yummygal,

    My grandparents and dad had a little boat rental place at Thompson’s beach. The people from Phila. Would come down to go fishing. Then there was the storm of 1950. My family left before it hit. The town was washed away. People lost their lives. Some man was left clinging to a roof. Buildings were washed up to the woods. My father never went back until i was in my teens. We drove on the road which is no longer visible. Just telephone poles line the area where a road used to be. Yes, very eerie, and creepy. The people in the area think it may have been a tsunami. And they say every 50 years there is a big storm. Maybe hurricane sandy is it.

  2. I’ll have to figure out exactly where this is in relation to the lighthouse. I go to East Point all the time to watch the sunset and just to be near water (I’m in Clayton, so it’s not too far from me). It looks like a really cool spot, so I might as well check it out next time I’m in the area!

  3. This is not a place to walk your dogs. Not really thinking the trail was made of crushed concrete and asphalt. I felt the ground several times for heat.
    The crushed concrete and asphalt did a number on my dogs feet.
    Please don’t make the mistake I made. STAY OFF THE TRAIL

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