Philadelphia 4th of July Spectacular-Top things to do in the Philadelphia Area before you Die


Philadelphia 4th of July

Welcome America Celebration
The best 4th of July in the Country
June 25th-July 4th, 2012

Top Places to See or Do in the Philadelphia Area before you Die, Continued….


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Philadelphia was the birthplace of our freedom. The Declaration of Independence was signed here. It was our nation’s first Capitol.

Philly puts on the biggest celebration in the country because of it and Wawa is our local sponsor.
(Another local chain… Also, if you don’t know what Wawa is, you aren’t Philly)

We put out all the stops during the 4th of July festivities.


A Parade, huge concerts with bigwig acts, taste of Philly at Penn’s Landing from all of our world renowned eateries, an ice cream festival, the Philadelphia Pops orchestra concert, and most importantly fireworks.


Photo courtesy of photobucket

There are fireworks featured twice this year.

June 30th at the Camden aquarium and July 4th the celebration on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Entertaining Acts this year are The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common, Joe Jonas, and many others.

The concert is from 7pm-11pm with the grande finale…

The fireworks extravaganza.

No other city can compete with us on this special day.

There are activities every single day leading up to the 4th of July.

Check the Welcome America Website for more specific details.

Have a blast everyone. No pun intended.


My husband saying,”Drink up and enjoy the celebration my crazy friends.”

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